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Europe Direct Information Centre – Victoria, Gozo has participated in one of the Skola Sajf activities held at the Gozo College Sannat Primary School organised by the Malta-EU Steering & Action Committee (MEUSAC) and the EC Representation in Malta.

During this activity, the pupils had the opportunity to learn about Marine Sustainability and EU values through interactive presentations. A discussion was raised about what is a value, the importance of values and how they help us make the right decision. Values discussed where: respect, solidarity, democracy, peace, equality and freedom.

The students could put what they learned to use straight away: in a Jenga game, blocks were used to symbolise different values crucial to the European Union. After building the "tower" with these blocks, students became aware of the importance of each of these values, and how their removal can cause the whole structure/society to collapse.

These Skola Sajf activities were organised by MEUSAC, the European Commission Representation in Malta and HSBC’s ‘Catch the Drop Campaign’.