“This is the spirit of Europe” State of the Union speech

On Wednesday 14 September the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, delivered her third State of the Union address.

She began her speech by reminiscing the beginning of the war last February. The brutality of war was counteracted by the European countries, by showing a strong wave of solidarity.  The Union has risen to the occasion immediately, determined to do the right thing. Ms Von der Leyen assured that Europe’s solidarity with Ukraine will not be shaken. The next step is the reduction of the dependency of the European countries on Russia’s fossil fuels, infect diversification is already underway. EU member states are already helping vulnerable households, but the next step is the capping of revenues of companies producing electricity.

Ms Von der Leyen also said that Europe and the whole world were hit by the unprecedented pandemic but unity amongst the union secured over 4 billion doses, not only for the European countries but the whole world.

She also talked about the future of our children which must be secured by sustainable investments.  Digitalisation is the future.

Ms Von der Leyen also paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

She also assured that the Commission will present measures to update the legislative framework to fight corruption.

Finally, Ms Von der Leyen urged all the members to applaud two polish women, who reached out when refugees from Ukraine reached Poland and together with more than 3000 volunteers welcomed them 24/7. She concluded by saying that that is the European spirit.

Please find Ms Von der Leyen’s integral speech by clicking here.