The ‘Soil Project, Exploring the Hidden World’ launch

  • 26th October 2023 at 10:00

EUROPE DIRECT Gozo in collaboration with GLOBE Malta today launched the ‘Soil Project, Exploring the Hidden World’. Various Gozitan schools will be taking part in this project promoting the importance of soil in our daily lives.

Jesmond Buttigieg, Manager, EUROPE DIRECT Gozo spoke about the benefits of this collaboration, which is now in its third year and which gives the opportunity to students together with their teachers to talk about their projects’ analysis and reports.

Ramona Mercieca, GLOBE Deputy Coordinator, explained in detail how this year’s project has to be conducted by all the participating schools. She also stated that foreign schools showed their interest in participating in this project. On 5 December, which is the World Soil Day, a webinar will be organised, where two experts in this field will discuss the effects of climate change on soil.

EUROPE DIRECT Gozo sponsored all the kits which were distributed to the schools for the sampling of the soil.