Webinar – The role of Data Analytics in Organisations

  • 30th March 2023 at 11:00

Data analytics is a process to examine data gathered and to find present trends and thereafter draw conclusions, about the information found in that data.  Diverse techniques are used to collect data analysis, which enable all sort of organisations to make better informed decisions regarding their businesses.

Obviously correct and timely decisions result in more revenue, improved operational efficiency, more effective marketing campaigns and  better customer service.  In today’s ever increasing competitive world, businesses must be, proactive, to new and emerging market trends, rather than reactive.  Data analytics is one of today’s main tools to reach this goal.

The aim of the webinar was to increase the awareness about the use of data analytics in our businesses and potential careers in this sector.

This webinar was organised by EUROPE DIRECT Gozo and The Gozo Business Chamber in collaboration with Bank of Valletta.

Special thanks goes to Dr. John Paul Cauchi from the ‘Queen Mary University of London’, and Ms. Lara Selvagi, Head, Data Insights and Economics at ‘Bank of Valletta’.

The webinar was moderated by Jesmond Buttigieg, Manager EUROPE DIRECT Gozo. Joseph Borg, President, The Gozo Business Chamber and Daniel Borg, CEO, The Gozo Business Chamber, also intervened during the webinar.