Jean Monnet Prize set up the Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration to honour Jean Monnet’s life and dedication to European integration by rewarding projects that support this ideal in a concrete and apolitical manner for European citizens. The winning project receives a €1,500 grant.

Where other prizes may reward public figures of high standing, the Jean Monnet Prize focuses on citizens’ personal engagement for Europe and activities that impact the day-to-day life of Europeans. The Jean Monnet Prize is an open competition. It can reward any project contributing the strengthening of European integration and of the European spirit. This object is purposefully kept broad, in order to increase the diversity of competitors.

Projects need to be either implemented or under implementation; the Jean Monnet Prize does not reward projects that have yet to be implemented or that seek funding in order to start their implementation. This is to meant to improve the assessment of the project’s concrete impact for citizens.

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All applications must be made online at: No paper or email applications will be considered. Deadline for applications is 9th October 2021. The application process is entirely free and no expenses are asked of participants at any point.

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