Europe Direct Gozo Eco-Schools/YRE/LEAF Project

The winners of the 2021 Europe Direct Gozo Eco-Schools/YRE/LEAF Project, the Gozo College Middle School, utilised the winning price, sponsored by BOV to decorate their school corridors with murals containing sustainability related messages. The concept behind these symbolic paintings  on three large panels was to create visual elements that impart messages related to integration of people from different countries, the acceptance of different cultural practices and adoption of social values such as respect for diversity, tolerance and inclusion.

Panel 1 illustrates a typical Maltese landscape. Two persons reach out their hand and touch each other’s fingers to form the shape of a heart. It is a fact that the population in Malta and Gozo has increased considerably throughout recent years as many foreigners emigrated to Malta due to problems in their own country of origin or for work reasons. This phenomenon has changed our community in different ways. These people are contributing  as well in  making Malta a better place so we should all live in peace and harmony  with each other and respect each others’ differences. An extract from  a John Lennon’s song that promotes these social values is included on the side of the panel.

Panel 2, the central part of the two intersecting circles illustrates a plant with deep roots. The circles represent different cultures and the roots stand for the knowledge and practices developed by different cultures. By understanding and respecting different cultures we become  better persons and contribute further to our educational growth. 

Panel 3 illustrates the core of the world as a large heart that is able to reproduce smaller hearts like a plant. The artwork underlines the importance of peace, love, tolerance, inclusion  and respect for diversity.