Careers in the Digital Sector

  • 23rd March 2022 at 11:00

On Wednesday 23 March 2022, EUROPE DIRECT Gozo in collaboration with the Gozo Business Chamber, organised its first webinar for 2022 on ‘Careers in the Digital Sector’.

The European Commission is putting significant emphasis on ‘digital skills’ given that digitalisation is one of the pillars of the Green Deal.  The Digital Economy and Society Index 2021 report on ‘Human Capital’ presented by the European Commission highlighted how:

In the world of tomorrow, we must rely on digitally empowered and capable citizens, a digitally skilled workforce and digital experts. Clear responses will be needed to successfully manage demographic trends and close existing skills gaps in the context of the digital and green transitions. Basic digital skills for all citizens and the opportunity to acquire new specialised digital skills for the workforce are a prerequisite to participate actively in the Digital Decade and to reinforce our collective resilience as a society. In addition to the target on basic digital skills (80% of people) established in the Digital Education Action Plan and the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan, a Digital Compass proposes to reach by 2030 a target of 20 million employed ICT specialists in the EU, with convergence between women and men (European Commission, 2021, p. 3).

This webinar discussed with two professionals, Anthony Callus (Manager Training for Industry at MCAST) and Ing. Ruben Curmi (Entrepreneur, visiting lecturer at the University of Malta, and Chairperson of the National Accreditation Board).

You can watch this webinar here.