Europe Day 2020 Online Activities

  • 9th May 2020 at 10:00

This year EDIC-Gozo celebrated Europe Day by organizing two online competitions and participated in an online activity with EDIC-Vratsa from Bulgaria.

A Craft competition was aimed for children 12 years and under and a Sugar Paste Cake Decorating Competition for adults. The Theme for both competitions were ‘United in Diversity’ which is the motto of the European Union.

Craft Competition:

For the Craft competition, participants were encouraged to use waste recyclable material and create a craft with a useful purpose. Also they had to answer the question which was “How many countries are part of the European Union?” Entries were sent as private message on the Europe Direct Information Centre – Gozo face book page which were later uploaded on the wall.

Winners were selected based on the highest amount of likes found on their craft photo. Winners for this competition were: 1st place: Elisa Marie Azzopardi 2nd place: Nirvana Muscat 3rd place: Sven Muscat

Sugar Paste Cake Decorating Competition:

This online competition which was in line with the current COVID-19 situation trend of baking and challenging one’s skills which lots were posting online.

Again, the theme for this competition was ‘United in Diversity’ and the cakes were decorated in sugar paste. Participants also submitted a write up on ‘Identify ways in which the food system can be made more sustainable’.

Winners were chosen in a point system of judging, 70% of the points which were given by professional judges while the remaining 30% were given depending on the number of likes on Facebook achieved by each entry. Points given by judges were allotted according to neatness, overall appeal, number of techniques adopted use of colour, creativity, originality, adherence to the theme and the write-up. Winners for this competition were:

1st place: Lara Micallef 2nd place: Melissa Farrugia 3rd place: Simone Cini

Online Activity with EDIC Vratsa, Bulgaria

On Saturday 9th May, EDIC-Gozo together with EDIC Vratsa organized an online activity via Zoom, where Bulgarian children had the opportunity to see the Maltese children’s crafts and the Maltese to see the Bulgarian children’s colouring paintings. During this online event, we had two singers from Gozo who sang the International song ‘Frere Jacques` in four different languages which were, French, Maltese, English and Italian, and another singer sang the song ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands’. While the singer in Gozo was singing, the Bulgarian children, parents and teachers were clapping, touching their nose, etc. From the Bulgarian side, they sang traditional Bulgarian songs.

This was a fun event which can be seen on the EDIC-Gozo Facebook page or by clicking here.