Information session – The Committee of the Regions

  • 14th November 2022 at 09:00

On Monday 14 November 2022, EUROPE DIRECT Gozo in collaboration with Regjun Ghawdex and Sir M.A Refalo Institute organised an information session about the EU and its advisory body The Committee of the Regions. This information session was addressed by Dr Samuel Azzopardi, President of Kunsill Reġjonali Għawdex.

Jesmond Buttigieg, Manager of EUROPE DIRECT Gozo, introduced the meeting, explaining the aims of EUROPE DIRECT Gozo office. Its main role is to disseminate information about the EU and its institutions. One of these institutions is the Committee of the Regions, which is one of the main organisations that has a direct say within the EU’s institutional framework.

Dr Azzopardi explained how The Committee of the Regions provides the opportunity for regions such as Malta to have a direct voice in decisions, taken by the three main EU institutions. He explained his role and duties and encouraged students to take a step forward and help their country to have a say in the decision-making assemblies in the EU by first taking an active role in local entities. Jan Luca Gatt from EUROPE DIRECT Gozo made the concluding remarks.