Webinar: Digital Marketing and the role of Content Creators

  • 24th September 2021 at 10:00

On Friday 24 September, 2021, Europe Direct Gozo organised a webinar on Digital Marketing and the Role of Content Creators. A big thanks goes to our main speakers Rickey Bugeja – Head of Digital Marketing (Keen Ltd) and Jo Caruana – Founder and CEO (Finesse Group).

Digitalisation is one of the areas identified by the European Union for economic recovery. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic many individuals, organisations and businesses went digital. This means that the way we relate a message being an individual, organisation and business in the digital world has assumed significant importance.

Digital Marketing has many facets. This includes analysing data to obtain web optimisation, conducting social media audits to ensure the best array of techniques are used, and creating marketing campaigns. Within the sphere of digital marketing the role of content creators is extremely important. Content creators are responsible for producing texts, articles, images, video recordings, within the context of creating a successful marketing campaign which increases web traffic and attracts potential clients.

This webinar talked with people in the sector who spoke about their role, and also spoke about social media platforms, and the need to create good content.

You can download the Agenda here.